A player’s age group is determined based on their age before January 1, 2020.

Category2020 SARFC FeeNational, Provincial & Sub-Union FeesTotal Cost*
Senior Player$287.50$157.50$445.00
Senior Player 35+
Lowest division only
Student Player$237.50$157.50$395.00
Senior Player – U21$140.00$157.50$297.50
Junior Player – U19$140.00$160.50$300.50
Junior Player – U16, U17 & U18$140.00$154.50$294.50
Junior Player – U13 & U15$120.00 until April 1st$124.00$244.00
Minor Player – U11$120.00 until April 1st$89.00$209.00
Minor Player – U7 & U9$115.00 until April 1st$79.00$194.00
Minor Player – U5$95.00 until April 1st$34.00$129.00
Masters Player 35+
Exhibition games only
Two Week Player
15 days only
Full Non-Playing Voting Member$120.00N/A$120.00
Social Member$60.00N/A$60.00
Life Member$1500.00
(or installments)
(if playing)
(if playing)
*Processing fees for online registration vendor not included.

The first year of a life membership is a $500 deposit and $200 installments are due annually until paid in full. Life member applications are only available at the clubhouse bar. Life members playing rugby must pay applicable insurance and union dues for the season as well.

Online Registration

Player registration is open! Go to:

Early bird fees for U5, U7, U9, U11, U13 and U15 rugby end April 1st!

Registering 3 or more kids for the season or a life member playing rugby? Contact for your applicable discount code.

Social, full non-playing and life memberships can be bought at the clubhouse bar.