Click here for information on 2020 Return to Play rugby, including the registration process and participating age grade cohorts.

Social, full non-playing and life memberships can be bought at the clubhouse bar or online here:

This page will be updated for the 2021 rugby season once more information is available.

A player’s age group is determined based on their age before January 1, 2020.

Category2020 SARFC FeeNational, Provincial & Sub-Union FeesTotal Cost*
Senior Player$287.50$157.50$445.00
Senior Player 35+
Lowest division only
Student Player$237.50$157.50$395.00
Senior Player – U21$140.00$157.50$297.50
Junior Player – U19$140.00$160.50$300.50
Junior Player – U16, U17 & U18$140.00$154.50$294.50
Junior Player – U13 & U15$120.00 until April 1st$124.00$244.00
Minor Player – U11$120.00 until April 1st$89.00$209.00
Minor Player – U7 & U9$115.00 until April 1st$79.00$194.00
Minor Player – U5$95.00 until April 1st$34.00$129.00
Masters Player 35+
Exhibition games only
Two Week Player
15 days only
Full Non-Playing Voting Member$120.00N/A$120.00
Social Member$60.00N/A$60.00
Life Member$1500.00
(or installments)
(if playing)
(if playing)
*Processing fees for online registration vendor not included.

Online Registration:

Registering 3 or more kids for the season or a life member playing rugby? Contact for your applicable discount code.