Online Player and Coach Registration:

This page will be updated with 2024 playing fees and registration details in February.

Social, full non-playing and life memberships can be bought at the clubhouse bar or online:

CategoryAgeSt. Albert Rugby FeeNational & Provincial FeesTotal Cost**
Senior Player
Birth year 2002-1982$287.50
($50 less for students)
($395 if student)
Senior Player 40+Birth year 1982 and earlier$140$157.50$298
Masters PlayerBirth year 1987 and earlier$120$85$205
(masters games only)
Under-17/19 Junior RugbyBirth years
Under-15 Junior RugbyBirth years 2007-08$120*$154.50$275
Under-13 Minor RugbyBirth years 2009-10$120*$124$244
Under-11 Intro to ContactBirth years 2011-12$120*$89$209
Under-7/9 Flag RugbyBirth years 2013-16$115*$79$194
Under-5 Active StartBirth years 2017-19$95*$34$129
Full Non-Playing Voting Member$120N/A$120
Social Member$60N/A$60
Life Member$1,500
(or instalments)
(if playing)
(if playing)

*Early bird rate end date in April to be confirmed. Average increase of 20% on club fees for late registration. **Processing fees for online registration vendor not included.

A player’s age group is determined based on their age before January 1, 2024.

72 hour and 2 week temporary player options also available at a reduced rate. Limit 1 of each per season.

Player registration and insurance is valid until April 30th each year.

Email for the following discount codes:

  • Three or more youth rugby registrations from the same household
  • Life member playing senior or masters rugby
  • Full non-playing membership already purchased for the calendar year and now intend to play rugby