Annual Awards

Thank you to everyone involved with the 2023 rugby season.

The following club members and players were recognized for their contributions at our year end celebrations on October 14th. Congratulations!

The Garrick Cup: This award was donated to the club by Gareth Jones and, you guessed it, the Garrick family – presumably some time shortly before it was given out for the first time in 1981. It is awarded yearly to the person deemed by the Board of Directors to be the most valuable club member. Frankly, I think this year’s recipient should be a candidate for the Garrick Cup every year. I don’t want to say that our day-to-day operations would be impossible without this person, but I certainly think they would be significantly impacted. What set her contributions apart this year was the leading role she took in the organization of the ARC tournament in July. While a few of us on the Board played relatively minor roles, that tournament I actually do think would have been impossible without her. So, in recognition of not only the outstanding organizational work she puts in on the operations side on a daily basis, but additionally, for being the driving force behind the Club’s ability to host it’s largest tournament ever, I’d like to present the Garrick Cup for Most Valuable Club Member to Brenda Paprnik.

The Cruachan Quaich: This award was donated by Doreen McLuckie in honor of her younger brother. He served in the British Merchant Marine on the award’s namesake vessel until his untimely and accidental death aboard the ship on its return voyage to its homeport of Grangemouth, Scotland. Doreen was very fond of her brother, most especially for his selflessness and willingness to help wherever he could. As such, the general idea of the award has become that of a “Club Spirit” or “Most Effort, Least Recognition” award given to someone who demonstrates that same selflessness and willingness to help wherever help is needed. This year’s recipient has, for many years, volunteered as a youth coach at the club and organized important events like Play-On Rugby. This year, she approached the Board on a number of occasions with… concerns… and instead of simply airing her grievances, she actually offered solutions to the problems she was seeing around the club, eventually joining the Board. Since then she has taken the initiative on a number of additional responsibilities – the role of Quartermaster, organization of the first annual Junior Awards Day, liaising with minis and junior coaches about the fall season and volunteer coordination just to name a few. When I read the Cruachan Quaich’s criteria, the choice for this year’s winner was obvious – congratulations and thank you Brandy Hanson.

The Gordon Bokenfohr Memorial: This award honors a young man who passed away at the too young an age of 28 years. It recognizes long time service to club both as a player and as a Board Member. It is said that “Bokie” was the heart and soul of the Club, on and off the field. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the man himself aside from the above and that he was regarded highly enough to have an award named after him. What I do know is that a man I respect very much, former President Terry MacPherson, insisted in 2019 on bringing this award back after it hadn’t been handed out in many years. He considered it to be the club’s most prestigious award. I myself was honored to share the award upon its return with my wife Jasmine. This year’s recipient has been a long time player for the club. Though we lost him to Ontario for a few years, we were glad to welcome him back to the club recently and since his return he has stepped into an ever increasing role on the Board. For the last two years he has been a mainstay for Senior, and especially the Men’s, rugby administration; an anchor in the front row for both men’s teams; and a central component of the club’s communications efforts. His efforts on the Board will be missed next year. Congratulations to this year’s recipient of the Gordon Bokenfohr Memorial trophy – Alastair Lilico.

Youth Leadership of the Year Award

This person has only been playing rugby for three years but in their short career they have managed a lot of achievements. They started playing in 2021 and by 2022 they represented SARFC at Edmonton Gold. During their 2023 season they made both Edmonton Gold and Wolf Pack.

This person has also stepped up as a leader among their peers and helped with coaching the U15G team this spring and became the head coach of our U7 Fall rugby team. Without their willingness to step up into this role our U7 program would have been canceled for the fall season. To top off their rugby commitments for this season they have also achieved their first level of referring credentials.

Their endless commitment to learning, developing and growing as a player, coach, referee and SARFC club member is what has earned Gwen Ingram with the Youth Leadership of the Year Award.

Mike Moss Memorial Cup: Junior Rugby Coach of the Year

Recipient #1 The winner of this award has dedicated countless hours as a coach to our SARFC junior rugby program and the rep programs in our region.  

They have coached U15B, U16G, Kamloops U16B, Edmonton Gold U16B and helped Wolfpack U16B training. They have achieved their Level 2 Coaching Certification while working and putting themselves through school. Their passion is to grow the youth program at the club and their coaching style makes them approachable for players to seek advice and feedback. 

This is why Josh Looker has been awarded with the Mike Moss Memorial Cup: Youth Rugby Coach of the Year.

Recipient #2 The winner of this award has been a dedicated SARFC member for a number of years. They started out as a player and since then have brought their rugby knowledge, teaching and coaching skills to lead one of our junior teams for the last few seasons. Her dedication went above and beyond this season because she was pregnant while leading the U13G team as a solo coach. Her players missed her leadership during the fall season and hope she will return to lead them again in the spring.

Congratulations to Janelle Inglis on the arrival of her first baby and for receiving the Mike Miss Memorial Cup: Youth Rugby Coach of the Year Award.

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